“Stop The Nukes” 7” E.P. (Mop-Top), 1980 (only 500 pressed)
“Second Chance” 7” E.P. (Mop-Top), 1983
“The Word Is Out” LP (Mop-Top, Semaphore Europe), 1987
“Welcome To Humansville” LP/CD (Mop-Top, Semaphore Europe), 1991; Second Pressing 1992
“Joey Skidmore” CD (Dixie Frog/MSI France), 1994
“Joey Skidmore Turns Pop” 45 (442 eme Rue, France), 1996
“Bent” LP/CD/VHS Video (Mop-Top), 1998
“One For The Road…Live At The Outland” CD (Mop-Top/ 442 eme Rue France), 2002
“Ventriloquist Doll,” CD (Mop-Top, Sunthunder Spain), 2007
“Joey Skidmore Now!”  LP/CD/MP3 download (Mop-Top) 2014
“Rollin’ with the Punches–the Best of Joey Skidmore” 2 CD set (Mop-Top), 2017


“Le Monstreux Y Animales Imaginary (Monsters and Imaginary Animals),” Featuring “Sleek Leopard Lady,” cassette, (Eat Rekkerds/EPE France), 1992
“No Housing No Peace,” featuring “Butt Steak” and “Legend of the Shoe Man,” cassette, (National Coalition for the Homeless), 1995
“The Complete Idiot’s Guide To MP3, Music on the Internet,” featuring “Butt Steak,” CD Rom (Alpha/Que), 2000 (Approximately 30,000 sold)
“License To Hear, A Tribute To James Bond,” featuring “James Bond vs. the Munsters,” Picture Disc LP, (442 eme Rue, France), 2002
“Garage Band Revisited #4,” featuring “Sometimes I Think About”  (GBR France), (limited edition,  only 100 copies pressed), 2004
“Suddenly Yours A Tribute to Nikki Sudden,” featuring “Pistol in my Pocket,” CD (Sunthunder Spain), 2007

Other Projects/Guest Appearances 

The Nuclear Banana “Riot on Kansas City Strip,” featuring Tony Valentino, LP & Digital,  Supernova Productions, 2022
Kenny Joyce, “New Generation,” CD/12” (Panic/Polygram Europe), 1995
Kenny Joyce, “Stay Closer to Me,” CD (KJ Productions), 1997
Lisa Blue, “Red White And Lisa Blue,” CD (Foz Music), 1997
BCR, “A Speck of Dust,” (Sparkling Beatnik Records), 2004
Les Fossoyeurs, Dans La Prairie Live At Springfield Missouri (France), 2007
Jacobites “the Otter Song” b/w “Apartment to Compartment” 45, (Sunthunder, Spain), 2011
Nikki Sudden, “The Boy From Nowhere, Who Fell Down From the Sky,” 6 CD boxed set, Easy Action
Records (UK) 2013.
Les Fossoyeurs “Ca Craint Chez Les Hippies,” CD (France), 2016
The Red-Headed League “A Fistful of Dharma” CD (2018)
The Red Headed League, “Project Chupacabra,” 7″ E.P. (Strictly Wicked Records) 2020
Tony Valentino & Joey Skidmore “Scooter Girl,” Digital Single 2020
The Red Headed League “Phonehenge” LP forthcoming