The Skid-O-Rama Halloween Fest 2022 will be Saturday, October 29th at the Record Bar in Kansas City, MO!


Finally, after a three-year pandemic break the Skid-O-Rama Fest returns. Headliners will include two of the last surviving psychedelic garage bands of the 1960s: the Seeds & Tony Valentino of the Standells. The Seeds' biggest hits include "Pushing too Hard," and "Can't Seem to Make you Mine." Their new single "Butterfly Child," and its flip-side "Vampire" will be featured at the Skid-O-Rama Fest. The Seeds were formed by keyboardist Darly Hooper, the late Sky "Sunlight" Saxon, and guitarist (the late) Jan Savage, approximately 1965 in Southern California. 

The Standells were formed by guitarist Tony Valentino, who immigrated from Italy in the 1960s as a teenager, forming the Standells with the late drummer & vocalist Dick Dodd, and keyboardist Larry Tamblyn, approximately 1963 or 1964. Their hit "Dirty Water" made it in the top ten on the pop charts in the United States, according to Cashbox Magazine. A recent re-release of "Dirty Water" by "Tony Valentino of the Standells," recently made it to #1 on the Radio Indie Alliance charts. The song has been covered by everybody from the Inmates to Bruce Springsteen. Their Halloween appearance on the original "Munsters" television show in the mid-1960s is a fan-boy classic, and will be highlighted, and honored, at this year's Skid-O-Rama. Besides original members of the Seeds and the Standells, this year's Skid-O-Rama Halloween Fest will feature go-go girls, a psychedelic light show, and a variety of acts including the Black Crack Revue (B.C.R.)--featuring a forty-year anniversary with original members Rev. Dwight Frizzell, Dr. Thomas Abers, the renowned and revered drummer Allaudin Dean Ottinger--Kansas City's premiere neo-garage/psych band the Red Headed League, Dan Jones & the Squids, and more!

The Skid-O-Rama Fest started as an indie film fest in 2014 with the premiere of several low budget films from Kansas City and elsewhere including "Kiki Meets the Vampires," "Weenies," "the Crawler," and "Starch," at the Screenland Armour Theatre.

2015 premiered the first Skid-O-Rama Garage Fest, at the Record Bar in Kansas City. The headliner was the late Jimy Sohns of the Shadows of Knight ("Gloria"); the Cave Girls and the Joey Skidmore Band were also featured. Since then the Skid-O-Rama Fest has brought into town legendary '60s bands including Vanilla Fudge, Black Oak Arkansas, and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, at various venues including Knuckleheads, the Record Bar, the Tapcade, and the Screenland Armour.

The upcoming show at the Record Bar will include '60s dancers, costumes, a light show by John Massolini: "the PSYCHEDELIC Cosmic Liquid Light Show," and rock and roll legends from the 1960s to the present. Costumes are welcome--period pieces or otherwise. This is the bill: The Seeds, Tony Valentino of the Standells, the Red Headed League, the Nuclear Banana, Dan Jones & the Squids, and the Black Crack Revue (B.C.R.)!

There are few rock and roll bands from the '60s or the '70s still out there performing. Besides the amazing Rolling Stones (with two real originals) and one member who joined in the 1970s; and the Who (two originals, plus Ringo's son!), and Pink Floyd (two originals who can still stand to be around each other!) it's mainly a musical wasteland of "tribute bands." Come see two of the original acts from the 1960s. This might be "the Last Time" to celebrate the era with the people who actually made it happen!



Listen to The Seeds  "Butterfly Child" Now